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Emergency Preparedness and Management

Assess - Prepare - Respond - Recover


Bunyap Consulting is a team of professionals with a background in public sector and higher education emergency management.

Our team is experienced in planning, exercising and emergency response and operations.



Emergency Management is based upon the four principles of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

It is a straight-forward approach that has been proven over the past twenty years that works.

Our philosophy is based on POETE. Do you have:

  • Plans for the hazards you face

  • An Organization to carry out those plans

  • Do you have the Equipment for your organization to implement those plans?

  • Is your team Trained on those plans and equipment?

  • Have your Exercised your equipped team on those plans?


We provide a full range of emergency management services that fit the needs of your organization:

  • Public Sector

  • Private Sector

  • Higher Education

  • Non-Profit

  • Large or Small

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